Calligraphy Hub was created to meet the growing demand for Arabic design and digital arabic calligraphy by the international audience.

Founded in December 2019, producing ready-made Arabic and Islamic designs for use in interior designcustomized jewelry and greeting cards, we have expanded our range of services to include Arabic Logo DesignBook Titles Arabic calligraphyNames and Name Logo Designs, Wedding Logos and Wedding InvitationMarketing Materials localization, and much more. In fact, if it involves Arabic or Islamic Art in any way, we can do it.

Customised Arabic Designs

Arabic Calligraphy come in many shapes and forms, you can request any type of Arabic Calligraphy, here are some samples of our work in different categories and different calligraphy styles

Arabic Calligraphy & Islamic Art

Arabic Calligraphy and Islamic Art are ready to use designs, it can be printed and framed for walls, or it can be used in other projects

Need Arabic Design?

Beautiful typography transcends both time and borders. And there is no better example than Arabic Calligraphy.

From its beginnings as an abstract expression of Islamic teachings, the early ‘kufic’ script used as architectural decoration of 9th century mosques and palaces saw great advancements and systemization during the 13th Century “Golden Age’ by three creative geniuses from Baghdad. They developed the guiding principles of proportionality and methodology used to this very day.

And today, this beautifully intricate art form has undergone a major revival, with huge demand for skilled Calligraphers to produce unique designs for the design, fashion and marketing world.

Arabic Design

is one of the world’s premier sources for customized digital Arabic Calligraphy and Islamic Art. Our expert designers are carefully assigned to ensure the design needs of all our clients are surpassed far beyond expectations, because Arabic Calligraphy is our passion and we take pride in our exceptional craftsmanship.

We provide a broad range of services including:

Customized Digital Arabic Calligraphy

Beautifully unique Arabic calligraphy that is individually designed and ready for print or web use. Includes Arabic and Islamic quotes, Arabic greetings and Names.

Digital Islamic Art

Mesmerizing, ready to print vector designs perfect for adorning the walls of any home or office. Also used as tattoos, for weddings and greeting cards.

Arabic Logo Design

Striking contemporary logos using Arabic typography. Perfect for any individual avatar or modern business to stand out from the crowd.

And More…